FHWien 2012 projects

Hello, class! Here are links to everyone’s projects. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for having me in class. I enjoyed it.



Florian, Andreas und Maria: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/977

Hedwig and Sonja: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/9ej

Claudia and Franziska: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/979

David, Mike und Julia: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/9qt

Lukas und Magdalena: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/9jd

Andreas und Markus: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/a2b

Julia und Helene: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/9s9

Martin, Lisa und Georg: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/9×5

Henry und Martina: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/98r

Max und Ivana: http://youtu.be/ujMA8dkeviE (No Popcorn due to technical difficulties)

Marina und Leila: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/akv (Alternate story due to technical difficulties. Good thinking!)

Marguerite und Manuel: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/ai1

Susanne und Thomas: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/a1d

Philip: http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/fs5

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