Regina McCombs

Regina McCombs

I am the Senior Editor for Visual News for Minnesota Public Radio, working with a team to develop photography, video and multimedia. Prior to coming to MPR, and home to Minnesota, I was a faculty member at the Poynter Institute, teaching multimedia, mobile and social media. Previously, I was the senior producer for multimedia at StarTribune.com in Minneapolis-St. Paul, arriving there after 13 years as a television producer and photographer at KARE-TV, the NPPA-winning powerhouse in the Twin Cities. Winner of numerous Best of Photojournalism and Pictures of the Year International awards for multimedia storytelling, as well as Emmys for my video work, I teach around the country and the world, talking about finding new ways to tell stories on the Web and mobile devices, especially with video.

For StarTribune.com, I coordinated the multimedia team’s coverage, shot and edited video stories, created audio slide shows, produced major projects and trained staff in creating multimedia. I also taught classes in online journalism and TV news at the University of Minnesota, where I received my master’s degree.

Email me at regina.mccombs (at) gmail.com or look me up on Twitter and Delicious and most everywhere as reginajmc (don’t ask. It was an old AOL thing).

Download my current resume here.


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