Mobile video continues to grow

An interesting article on ESPN’s mobile efforts highlights a couple important ideas: how fast mobile video is growing, and the importance of “mobile first” thinking. I was particularly struck by the YouTube stats:

[Luke] Wroblewski points out that now, “YouTube’s fastest growing channel is mobile. They’re doing 400 million daily video views on mobile devices. It’s already 15% of their traffic. … So if you look at the things that people generally assume nobody will do on mobile, ‘nobody’s going to watch video, the screen’s too small, the experience is going to be totally crappy.’  And here you have the world’s largest video site saying within a year, the dominant use case will be mobile.”

This meshes with Ooyala’s report from last November on video use on tablets and mobile devices. Consumption and completion of video was much higher on tablets than the desktop, and phones topped desktops for time spent and completion rates as well.

Which leads to the big question: is your video mobile friendly? If you’re trying to figure out HTML5 video, here’s a very useful report, “The State of HTML5 Video” which lays out some of the issues of browser and tag support.