Creating the digital book

Smart take from Nieman Labs on what the new iBooks Author software might mean to journalism organizations. One of my favorite comments is one that I think applies to a lot of new media forms.

It looks, at very first glance, that iBooks Author does a good job of making it all user friendly, but it’s a reminder that “publishing,” as an act and as a field, pulls together a full liberal-arts curriculum’s worth of skills. Those whose abilities cover a wider range of those skills will do well; those who stick to one part of the process had better be really good at it.

Two other interesting things about the new software: you can only build them for sale in iTunes, and they’re only readable on mobile devices.Which is a pretty big statement, if you think about it.

So here’s one more data point: Apple’s investing big in a creating a new kind of reading experience for a new kind of content, and they’re completely ignoring every desktop and laptop computer in the universe.

On the flip side, there’s a new study that says teens aren’t taking to e-books because they’re not social enough, and difficult, if not impossible, to share.

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