Interesting data on tablets purchases and use this week

The Pew Internet & American Life Project came out with some new data on tablet and e-reader ownership. Basically, a whole lot of people got an iPad, Kindle or Nook for Christmas, Now, almost a third of the U.S. own one. That’s almost double what it was just a couple months ago. We gave my 75-year-old mom a Kindle e-reader for Christmas, but when I got there with my Kindle Fire, she decided she would rather have one of those, and sent her e-reader back for a trade-in. Go, Mom! In other iPad research this week, IDG Connect presented numbers on what heavy users some executive and IT folks are at the office, in stark contrast to the average user. Interesting if you’re aiming for that market, and also important to remember if you’re one of those folks — not everyone uses their tablet the way you do.