Takeaways from SND STL and TEDx

SND STL was great — the only conference this year with a full day of mobile discussion. Roger Fidler and I did the kickoff, rounding up the current research on mobile devices. You can watch it here if you want to catch up. But there were (at least) two truly amazing presentations. 1. Rob King of ESPN’s lunchtime talk (not recorded) which was one of the best motivational talks I’ve heard in a long, long time. Favorite quote: Things will work out. You just don’t know how yet. 2. Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan on how news will fit into our lives in the future. First, they presented a video illustration, called The Storm Collection. Then they talked about the implications. Lots to chew on for those developing for mobile.  You can watch their re-presentation at the TEDx at Poynter on the future of news below. Well worth your time!